Day: June 16, 2024

Spray Foam Insulation in Panama CitySpray Foam Insulation in Panama City

The beautiful beaches and clear waters of Destin, Florida and Panama City are a major draw for tourists and locals alike. The intense heat and humidity here, however, can drive up home cooling costs if you don’t have the right amount of insulation in your attic or roof. attic insulation is a better option for high humidity areas because it resists the growth of mold and mildew, and doesn’t swell like other types of fiberglass insulation can.

Health and Safety Considerations for Spray Foam Insulation

During the spraying process, a specialized gun mixes the two components of the insulation on-site and applies it to your home’s walls or roof. The foam then expands and fills in gaps, cracks, and crevices. It will also adhere to your home’s wood framing, creating a seal that is air-tight and energy-efficient.

It is important to choose an experienced contractor for spray foam insulation installation. This type of insulation requires a special certification to apply it properly, and the chemicals used create off-gassing that can be harmful. Additionally, the spray area needs to be kept off for a few hours afterward. Choose a company that offers low-VOC spray foam, which will cause less off-gassing and a shorter re-occupancy time.

In addition to the benefits of lower home energy bills, spray foam insulation also soundproofs rooms, prevents drafts, and improves your indoor air quality. It is the only insulation that effectively seals your home to limit the movement of air, which is the single largest source of heat loss and energy loss.

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