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How to Check For Phishing Links

The detect malicious website scams that can steal your credentials, hijack your device and infect your system with malware. These attacks can be carried out by a variety of implements, but the simplest one is phishing links, which are malicious hyperlinks that redirect you to a fake website and ask for your personal information or passwords. This article discusses how to check for phishing links and the tools you can use to do so.

Choosing a Device Fingerprinting Service to Detect Fraud

Phishing links may be found in emails (email phishing), text messages or other messaging apps and social media platforms, as well as in fake websites created for this purpose. They are often crafted to look like well-known companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon and governmental institutions that deal with health, finance or social benefits. They also try to mimic popular services offered by telecommunications operators, as well as online banking systems.

A phishing link is usually easy to spot, especially if you hover over the displayed URL. A legitimate link will display the real URL, which will include a secure connection with an SSL certificate.

Another sign of a phishing website is the lack of contact information. Legitimate websites should have a page that supplies the contact details of the company, including an email address and a phone number.

A phishing website is also suspicious if it uses a pop-up window and demands you to enter your credentials. This type of window can activate malware that will record your data. Moreover, it can obtain your location and device statistics, which will help attackers to identify you and target you with other phishing campaigns.

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